Author X Audience

Alexis Ainsley is used to struggle. From her strained familial relations to her bisexuality to her anxiety and trying to score an editorial internship, she’s familiar with how hard life can be—although this is her first time struggling with reality when Terry Walsh, the creator of hit cartoon series Serenity Peaks, bumps into her at the movie theater. After hearing her talk about his show as more than just a fan, Terry asks to see Alexis again, and it’s not long before Alexis finds herself an intern working alongside Terry on the Serenity Peaks finale. But when tragedy strikes and Terry writes an ending to the series that betrays his female fans, what happens when a fan who got her job through the goodwill of the show’s creator disagrees with his proposed ending to the series? Full of feminist propaganda, tragic backstories, and fan feels, Author x Audience tells the story of a fan and a creator that transcend the limited relationship of author and audience to relate to each other as people—and take it from Alexis; the struggle is real!

Author X Audience is rated Mature for language, sexual content, violence, and mentions of rape and abuse (none occurs on screen). By proceeding you agree that you are 18+. Please proceed at your own risk, and be advised that above all this is a recovery story with a happy ending. ❤

New chapters every month on the 15th! Blog posts about new chapters post on the 1st of the following month!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: I Always Miss the Ending
Chapter 2: How Did We Get Here?
Chapter 3: Ice Cream for Breakfast
Chapter 4: Midnight Phone Calls and Midday Flights
Chapter 5: Stories Brought to Life
Chapter 6: An Abridged Family History
Chapter 7: Can I?
Chapter 8: A Series of Welcomes
Chapter 9: A Really Hot October
Chapter 10: Conventional Convention
Chapter 11: Human
Chapter 12: A Whole Lot of Work
Chapter 13: Back to Boring
Chapter 14: Something New
Chapter 15: After
Chapter 16: The Finale
Epilogue: Wouldn’t Dream of It

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