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Epilogue: Wouldn’t Dream of It

A year later, we’re late to the early VIP unveiling of the Serenity Peaks finale special. It’s going to be amazing. Two hours of crazy, untamed imagination that will undoubtedly leave fans and creators alike gasping for air and wondering what the fuck just happened to them—and Terry is still fiddling with his god damn bow tie.

“Are you serious right now?” I bellow up the stairs. I make my third pass through the living room and tap my fingers impatiently along my work desk—can’t work in our room, waaaay too distracting. If he’s gonna take too much longer, I’ve still got some script editing Rhonda wanted done by Monday.

My phone buzzes. I check the screen and it’s Ron asking me if Terry is still primping. Right on the nose, buddy, right on the nose.

“People are going to be comparing it to Buck’s,” he yells back.

“It’s going to be dark!” I tell him.

There’s a pause. “Okay, point taken, but red carpet photos.”

I roll my eyes. Like there’s going to be a red carpet. I pause. Actually, since Rhonda’s the one that organized this little party for the creators and their friends, there might just be. She knows how excited all of us are, and how vain this one can be.

“Just get down here and let me fix it!”

He dashes down the stairs, still fiddling with the damn thing, and stops in front of me with a sigh. “Look, it’s not that easy, and upside-down and backwards it’s gonna be even more—”

I twist the tie into shape and tweak it a little before turning him around to look at himself in the hall mirror.

“Oh,” he says. “Well, okay.”

“Yes, okay,” I say, snatching up my clutch. “Now let’s go before we miss the whole damn thing, yeah?”

He laughs and dips around me to plant a kiss on my cheek. “I don’t know, some pretty great things happened in my life the last time you missed the end of something.”

I rub the spot where he kissed me with a smile and take his hand. “Well, if it kills me, I don’t intend to miss the end of this.”

He gives me a funny look. “Are we still talking about the movie?”

I give him my best mysterious smile. “What do you think?”

He leans in. “I think I like the sound of being late even more now.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Okay, no I don’t.” He closes his eyes and breathes against me for a second. “I’m so glad you’re going to be there with me.”

“I can’t resist the idea of seeing how Lizzy is going to react having a set of VIP tickets. You think I’d miss that?”

“I don’t think you’d miss any of it.” He squeezes my hand again. “Don’t leave until the end this time?”

I squeeze his hand back and kiss him. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”


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