About Me


Hi, I’m Theresa. I like stories—all kinds. I write them. I edit them. I play them. I listen to them. I more or less live for them.

I trained in editing and book design at the graduate level in Portland State University’s book publishing program. While there, I worked at the in-house publishing house, Ooligan Press, helping to edit, design, and market many titles. I also focused my thesis on the adaptation of Japanese manga—taking my studies so far as to study in Japan at Waseda University. I learned to apply my craft through professional internships with Blind Eye Books, Microcosm Publishing, and Andrea Hurst Literary Agents.

As an editor, book designer, and marketer I aim to help people get their projects to the right audience. I am particularly interested in uplifting the stories of marginalized voices such as women, people of the queer community, and people of color. If you’re one of those, or you feature people like that in your work, let’s talk about your project and how to get it to the people who desperately want to read it!

To read my novel Author X Audience for free, start here!

For my personal essays published with Bi Women’s Quarterly, go here!

Places I work now: Dark Horse Comics

Places I have worked: Blind Eye Books, Andrea Hurst Literary Agents, Microcosm Publishing, Ooligan Press, the Oregonian Media GroupQueen of Swords Press, and TriMet.

Novels I love: The Night Circus, Wicked Gentlemen, The Martian, and Frankenstein.

Videogames I play: Old JRPGs for the PS2, inclusive new age titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn, and indie games like Gris, Transistor, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Lately I’ve been on a Sonic craze… The GameCube era ports and games are my jam.

Manga I read: MarsBlack Butler, and Princess Jellyfish. I also really enjoy queer manga like Our Dreams at Dusk, Love Me for Who I Am, and My Brother’s Husband.

Comics I follow: Sunstone, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and Ms. Marvel. I read a lot of webcomics, like The Glass Scientists, Always Human, and Missing Monday.

Podcasts I binge: Anything chock full of realistic queer characters (so basically most fiction podcasts out there). I’m very partial to Within the Wires, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, and The Pneumbra Podcast. Also adore anything inclusive and D&D, but The Adventure Zone is my favorite. Their Amnesty campaign was the best!


Theresa is awesome! She’s very thorough in her work and full of insightful knowledge. My writing has greatly improved since working with her.

— Taylor Wieland

Theresa is the kind of person who is an asset. She offers thoughtful insight and excels at whatever she does.

— Adam O’Conner-Rodriguez

Theresa Tyree is one of the finest editors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is professional, thorough, and unfailingly personable. She has mastered the tricky art needed in all editors of being appropriately honest in her constructive criticism, but kind at the same time. Before anyone else reads my work, I consult Theresa and trust her to take care of me and my writing.

— Sophie Logan

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